Hi. I'm Calah.

I don't really know what should go in a bio, but I guess I'll explain what this site is all about. I wanted to create an intentional place to satisfy the creative itch inside of me, whether that's through publishing music, photography, or writing. I'm also walking through a season of trying to conquer some creative fears and hope that this will be a safe space for me to start that process. I guess I've always been kind of a chameleon in terms of creativity and interests, which makes sense because I'm an ENFP and I get excited about lots of things. Aside from a killer guacamole recipe, my most recent creative project is a six song EP self titled CALAH that was released in early 2016 that is available on iTunes and Spotify. If you're here, thank you for championing my creativity. I pray that it leaves you with peace, encouragement, wonder, courage or all of the above to create something beautiful of your own. 

Peace & Grace, 

- Calah